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This Web Site is unique – it is a "One Stop Shopping" -- with all essential information in one place.  It was designed this way to best help young women in Connecticut make critical decisions by putting them in touch with varieties of helpful information and local resources throughout Connecticut.  It is a full-service CT site for CT females! 

If you are visiting from other states or countries, such as Canada, Great Britain,  Philipines,  Israel, Sweden, United Arab Emirates, Pakistan, China,  Germany,  India,  Australia, and  Mexico, you will find that the information, unlike local resources, is applicable no matter where you live.  We enjoy your presence and now that we see you are visiting in great numbers, we will use the Student Info Kiosk page and Media Library to provide some inputs from your own countries that we believe CT females will value.  We will also scatter global info throughout the site. As a result, this site should become very interesting.  Please visit the About Us page to give us your feedback.  Thanks!

Designed to Help With Major Decisions:

For Unscheduled Pregnancies:

Essential information is provided on 17 different pregnancy care centers located throughout CT -- to help you quickly find private and free pregnancy testing, and the right care center and solution for you. Information in 26 different areas, includes:

  • address
  • phone
  • hours – for free pregnancy tests & pregnancy alternative counseling
  • if Spanish Speaking
  • if help with Financial Aid
  • if housing
  • if ultrasound
  • types of referrals – to doctors, abuse centers, lawyers, adoption centers, etc.
  • training available
  • supplies provided to help support baby

Keep visiting us,
as we keep updating information, especially
on the Student Info Kiosk page
and pregnancy care center page .

We will keep adding new centers!

The goal is to have several centers for you to choose from that are close to you or on a bus line!  CT has a wonderful abundance of centers -- great people who volunteer their time to help young women with various issues -- not just pregnancy.  Check them out!

We will keep adding new info, links, videos, ultrasounds, etc.

The entire site supports information and data with up-to-date links, videos, case studies, witnessing, and stories, audio testimonies, and ultra sounds imaging. 

It is our hope that you will find what you need through this site, or close enough to it, to confidently and joyously use ideas in your life.




Approved centers in the local area offer loving support and many services

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