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Thank you for coming to our site!!  Please tell your friends about it.

This site is unique. We collected much of the information needed and put it all on this site to efficiently and quickly .......

Help young women and
career women who have an
unscheduled pregnancy --
make life decisions.

Over time, we will provide information to females of all ages, vocations, and in all stages in their lives.  Some subjects to be added are


    Infertility, Miscarriages &
    Natural Family Planning

    More on Adoption and Parenting

    The Influence of Women on Society

    Abuse and its Various Forms

    Turning Hardships into Victories --
    Case Studies

    Life Vocations

    How does a Woman Become "Great"
    (Like Mother Teresa)

    What is "Great"????

This site was conceived and designed by the Gospel of Life Society:

at http://www.stmarynorwalk.net/   It is maintained by the Society but it is sponsored by the CT Right to Life.

This Web Site is unique in another way -- information is organized to help you easily arrive at the decision that is right for you, and do it fast. To accomplish this, we have done much of the research for you! For example:

We know the pregnancy centers we are referring you to.  We have talked with them, visited them, and regularly meet with them. On this site, we included only the most conscientious, loving, reputable, approachable, and most willing to work with you and for you.  We did not want to waste your time with sites that will offer little help.

They are like

These are only four of the many wonderful centers in CT.  They are warm and understanding, receive lots of referrals from girls and women, help teens in five high schools in Waterbury, and have a wonderful reputation for keeping college students and working woman on track with their lives and careers.

We also investigated "fully" the various types of sites we refer you to. They are reputable -- such as the sites that talk about abstinence or adoption:

We also stretched our site to offer many links for case studies, witnessing, and stories supported by audio testimonies, ultra sounds, and videos.  It is our hope that you will find what you need through them, or close enough to it, and speak with the professionals we recommend who are professionally qualified to help you to design a plan of action that precisely suits you and your circumstances.

We tried to give you all the information you need in one place. That way, you have less Internet surfing to do. We know that while surfing can be fun, in a time of crisis decision making, it can become a cumbersome task.

We offer much information, but not too much.  We do not want to just throw data at you, but to carefully select the best information to put in front of you and to present it in a coherent way -- to make this site easy for you to navigate, distill the information you need, tag other information to come back to read further, and enjoyable to use.

In addition........

We inserted references to God -- not much as this is not a religious site -- but enough for those of you who enjoy it. I think we struck a nice compromise.

We invited some university students to give us feedback -- from UConn and Sacred Heart (in CT) to take a look and give us feedback. They liked it allot!.

We totally welcome your feedback too -- in any area -- because we care. . We have nothing to gain from this site -- we are not selling anything.  Our only intention is to help you.


Think of it as "pay forward" from all of us.

We are sure that, some day, when you have a chance, you will do the same thing.

To send us your comments or questions, please fill out our Feedback Form.

God Bless YOU -- in ALL you are doing!

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