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Post Abortion Stress
Listen to women who have suffered from PAS. Abortion is more harmful to women than some would have us believe.
9-Week Ultrasound
View a real time ultrasound of a baby at just 9 weeks gestation. At this stage, he would be no more than a couple inches in length, but no less identifiable as a human being.
4-D Ultrasound
View a 4-D Ultrasound using the latest ultrasound technology.
Part I 0:05:52
Part II 0:10:22
Silent Scream (editted)
This video contains actual footage of an abortion procedure, using relatime ultrasound video. Narrated by former abortionist Dr. Bernard Nathanson. Please be aware, the subject matter contained herein is disturbing.
  Jenny's Story

Listen to a young girl's experience with the Morning After Pill and her Abortion. See what Planned Parenthood did not tell her. Listen Now.
Laura Smith

Listen to a mother's story about the death of her daughter during an abortion. Listen Now.
  Romance without Regret
In this presentation to several hundred high school students, Jason Evert and Crystalina Padilla offer straight answers to teens' toughest questions on dating, relationships, and how to have romance without regret. Through their humor, honesty, and powerful testimonies, the duo provides compelling reasons to pursue a life of purity, regardless of one's past. Listen Now.

Additional Videos may be viewed at Baby Development.

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