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Pregnancy Testing Option


Consider the below for more privacy and personal attention:    

  -     Initial Online

  -     Tests At Pregnancy Centers Listed on this Site

  -     Referral to a Doctor

If you suspect you may be pregnant, but do not want to use the public high school clinic or your local doctor, you can privately take a test in a number of ways – at no cost to you. 

As a first step, you can take an online test.  Some of the sites we reviewed try to sell other things.  This is one of the friendlier and easy to use test sites:


On-Line Pregnancy Test


  But do not rely on it alone – also go to one of the pregnancy crises centers

   These centers will treat you confidentially, are all in CT, very reliable, and
   they all give free pregnancy tests.  Call for an appointment; some let you drop
   in (as indicated on the list). 

   The better or more reputable centers, like Carolyn’s Place, will do the test for
   you but also recommend you be seen by a doctor. 

Reasons to See a Doctor

  If you are not pregnant:

        -  A medical exam will disclose why you may be
           feeling sick to your stomach or have skipped
           a period.

  If you are pregnant:

       -  A pregnancy can trigger dangerous medical
          conditions which a doctor will check and find,
          such as high blood pressure.

  If you have an STD, it must be identified and
  treated, no matter what decision you make about
  your pregnancy EVEN IF YOU ARE NOT HAVING 
  SYMPTOMS FROM IT.. Many have STD's and do
  not know it. 

   This is a good time to double check -- for your safety.

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